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DGI Communications Launches New Generation of Management

Move Defines the “Future of Integration”

BILLERICA, Mass.– Already a leader in integration strategies, DGI Communications (DGI), announced today that it has reached a comprehensive agreement with Michael Walsh and David Meneely under which Walsh and Meneely will join the company’s senior management team, serve on the Board of Directors, and hold a significant equity position in the firm.

Mike Walsh has been named the President of DGI Communications and Dave Meneely is the company’s new Chief Operating Officer. Walsh and Meneely bring over 30 years of industry experience and have a proven track record of success in all aspects of the business. This next-generation management team will spearhead a collaborative approach on solutions for the modern workplace, brand recognition and general placemaking.

“We are extremely fortunate to have Mike and Dave on board. The timing is perfect for passing the torch on to a new generation of leadership that is capable of taking the company to the next level and expanding our comprehensive integration strategy” said former President James Dadmun who will stay on as the company’s CEO for a transition period. Dadmun added, “In an impressive display of loyalty, rarely seen today, a team of colleagues have joined Mike and Dave at DGI which further enhances our strength in design, engineering, design build and project management. They have already begun to define the future communications integration.”

DGI rebranded as DGI Communications in 2012 when the company consolidated its technology acquisitions assembled over the last 20 years. The company established two distinct yet inextricable divisions, DGI Technologies and DGI Invisuals. While each division provides a specific scope of services, they share the same mission: to provide clients with a unique array of options to help them communicate their message and brand both internally and externally.

“During our discussions with DGI, Dave and I were captivated by the company’s unique position of diversified communication offerings. This augments the customer’s ability to communicate their message, information, curriculum or brand in today’s environment” states Walsh. “This is an impeccable opportunity to develop and expand on the tremendous base of operations the company has built in its two divisions, DGI Technologies and DGI Invisuals. This is going to be special.”

The DGI Technologies Division is a systems integrator offering all market segments with services including design, design build, professional audio visual systems, streaming media, structured wiring solutions, unified communications, turnkey installation, healthcare and life safety systems.

Russ Oliver, President of the Technologies Division said ”The 5 year growth plan we created in 2011 outlined a series of goals and objectives for our team, including bringing in the next generation of management. Over the last 15 years, Mike and Dave have built unparalleled reputations as experienced and talented solutions providers and leaders in the industry. Their combined skills and enthusiasm will take the company to the next level.”

The DGI Invisuals Division is the largest digital printer of its kind in New England, offering a full range of large format graphic products for retail clients, architecture firms, offices, vehicles, and other large visual campaigns across the country. DGI Invisuals was founded in 1994 congruent with the advent of digital printing technology, making it a pioneer in the field.

Glen Fairbanks, President of the DGI Invisuals Division said “I am particularly impressed with how quickly Mike and Dave embraced the synergy of our two divisions. It’s not always obvious at first how closely Audio Visual real time solutions integrate with our unique range of design and still imagery capabilities.” Fairbanks added, “With this new team on board there will be an avalanche of opportunities to offer our customers custom integrated solutions that no other company can provide.”

DGI Communications, headquartered in Billerica MA, has 98 employees and operates out of a modern 40,000 sq. ft. facility. In a final word, Dave Meneely reflected “The timing aligned perfectly when Mike and I met Jim Dadmun and we all realized we had the same goals. This is a terrific opportunity for all of us to advance our beliefs in integrating new technologies with customer service. Mike and I are so pleased to be able to blend our staff with the great team here at DGI. We are thrilled that we have combined our talents and have a stronger foundation for growth and expansion.”


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