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Put DIRECTV to work for your business!

DGI Technologies provides DIRECTV FOR BUSINESSTM to clients requiring multichannel multipoint TV entertainment. Our expertise includes design/build and modernization of DIRECTV hardware, structured wiring and support services across several markets, including corporate, healthcare, educational and hospitality environments. Our integrated building communication services, coupled with DIRECTV’s extensive channel selection, provide our clients with a dynamic range of entertainment and business solutions!


Consultation, Installation and Support

Custom Service, Proven Excellence. Our engineers and technicians works closely with your telecommunication and facilities departments, assessing your current wiring infrastructure and requested TV feed locations, recommending efficient discreet methods of DIRECTV deployment within your current facility infrastructure. DGI Technologies address all scope-of-work with the same level of importance, from modest installation of single television broadcasting to multi-room deployment.

  • Assessment of Current TV Network Status
  • Design/Build or Modernization Recommendations
  • Scheduled Time/Date Installation to Minimize Business Workflow
  • Employee Training
  • Support Services


Healthcare Environments

Make your patients’ stay more enjoyable. There’s no better way to keep your patients comfortable and relaxed than with the best entertainment, sports, and news.
DIRECTV has it all.
With over 160 channels, DGI Technologies will work with you in selecting the proper hardware, installation process and broadcast deployment to make your patients stay as comfortable as possible. DIRECTV offer a selection of In-Room TV packages that are designed to assist healthcare visitors feel at home during their visit.


Office Environments

Boost office productivity and employee satisfaction. Keep your office informed with the latest business news from the U.S and beyond. With your employees engaged and on top of their game, the sky is the limit.
DIRECTV has it all.
DGI Technologies provides custom integrated building systems including DIRECTV access to essential business news and information as well as sports and TV entertainment to help employees relax and reenergize during their breaks. With multiple integrated TV locations and the ability to transmit custom content, DGI Technologies network integration also allows for employee training across several company locations!


Educational Environments

Provide students and staff with in-class educational content as well as entertainment in common meet areas and dorm rooms. Offering up to date news, premium historical and science content channels to all levels of academic institutions.
DIRECTV has it all.
DGI Technologies has provided multichannel multipoint TV installation and support services to academic institutions ranging from primary to advanced educational levels. Educational and entertainment programing as well as custom content may be distributed to specific locations within campus wide areas or single room/building designations. Educators have been highly creative in their use of television in the classroom, and perceive it to have contributed to significant learning gains in their students. We coordinate our installations with on-site facilities and program coordinators, so as to mitigate interruptions with daily classroom and dorm-life schedules.


Hospitality Environments

Fill every room every night! Hotels, restaurants and bars, and convention center guests will enjoy the company of others while watching the big game, or while relaxing by themselves with premium hotel room television.
DIRECTV has it all.
DGI Technologies provides DIRECTV access to hospitality businesses ranging from small scale establishments to large scale venues.

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