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KinderGUARD Infant and Pediatric Security System

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DGI Technologies offers a line of products designed to assist healthcare facilities in their efforts to increase patient safety and reduce staff security risks.

The KinderGUARD Infant and Pediatric Security System offers the broadest security for each child and infant in your care. The location of a patient wearing the KinderGUARD transmitter bracelet is actively monitored and reported every 7-10 seconds, safeguarding against abduction and wandering. Reusable, hypoallergenic and easy to clean- the KinderGUARD transmitter allows for a cost efficient trusted security solution.

Through an easy to use software interface- multiple floor plan monitoring, tracking reports and transmitter low battery information is viewed at a glance, taking the guesswork out of managing patient care. As a certified distributer, DGI Technologies can handle all phases of your KinderGUARD Infant and Pediatric Security System implementation- from initial consultation to system design and engineering, installation and ongoing technical support. DGI Technologies is your full service integrated building communication systems provider!

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Benefits Include

  • Active RFID allows for constant monitoring of patient or resident wearing a transmitter
  • Alarm and alert notification
  • Patient or resident wearing a transmitter may not exit preset location boundaries
  • Auto lock-down of doors upon cutting of transmitter bracelet
  • Reusable transmitters
  • Tamper-proof, medical-grade, washable transmitter straps

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