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Zoom Conferencing

Professional Zoom Conferencing Partner

DGI and Zoom have teamed up to provide the best meeting experience on the planet delivering one consistent experience for all use cases.

In partnering with DGI, you are partnering with a Certified Zoom Partner and the industry leader of Zoom Room design, implementation and support.  We guarantee to improve your meeting experience, increase usage and drive user engagement!

We’ve all seen the challenges with traditional conferencing equipment and disparate systems.  Zoom works.

You can expect to dramatically increase your online meetings with HD video and high quality audio.  Zoom supports up to 400 video participants in a single meeting!  At any time, you can share your screen and use a full suite of collaboration features including co-annotation and white-boarding.  We know how important your meetings can be and DGI also supports full local and or cloud recording with Zoom and Kaltura.

Zoom Rooms

Puts high quality video, audio and web conferencing in ANY sized room.  You can meet with anyone including participants on desktop, mobile or other conference systems including H.323 and SIP.   This software defined conference room includes wired and wireless content sharing from your laptop or mobile device.   What’s more is that you are able to remotely control and monitor these rooms from one centralized management web interface.

Zoom Meetings

Get Face-to-Face:  Video meetings are better than a traditional phone call or a video-less web meeting. When an individual sees your face, they are more likely to empathize with you and listen to you. When you see their face, you can more easily gauge their reactions and interests. Zoom is particularly handy for external meetings because your contacts don’t need to sign up for an account to join the meeting – all they have to do is click the link in your meeting invite!

Virtual Backgrounds:  Whether your goal is to create a professional appearance or just have a fun conversation starter, virtual backgrounds are a great asset. It’s ideal for making your lowly cube look like a corner office with a view, or showing your personality by seemingly joining from a yacht, the middle of the jungle, the inside of a shark’s mouth, and so on. Pretty much any image you can find, you can make your background. You can also brand your meeting by using your company’s logo as your virtual background.

Zoom Webinars

An extremely scalable solution that allows up to 10,000 attendees with up to 50 interactive video participants.  Zoom enables you to broadcast your event to Facebook Live or YouTube, and the dual screen functions allows you to show panelists and presentations at the same time.  DGI Communications and Zoom also offer Event assistance should you need any help getting your event off the ground including print and technical support.  Other features include;

Host controls such as mute / un-mute panelists, recording and more:

  • Polling and Question/Answer dialog box with live or text answers
  • Registration and post-webinar reporting
  • Closed captioning
  • Integrations with CRM and marketing automation systems