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  1994 The Begining
DGI is formed congruent with the advent of digital printing.
   August 1999 Acquisition of Colonial Color
DGI acquires Colonial Color adding the Lambda print process to its print capabilities.
  May 2002  DGI Merges with Invisuals
DGI merges with Invisuals, becoming DGI Invisuals LLC, pairing the best of New England’s top companies in large format digital printing.
  September 2003 A New Division is Launched
DGI Invisuals provider of large format print solutions enters into the video messaging market through the creation of Advanced Video Technologies (AVT)
January 2004 A New Division is Launched
DGI Invisuals introduces Education Sponsorship Network (ESN) promoting innovative ways to bring messaging and sponsorships to the public.
     July 2006 Acquisition of Castle Graphics
DGI Invisuals acquires Castle Graphics, increasing its print arsenal and expanding its vehicle wrap capabilities and direct to substrate abilities.
December 2008 Acquisition of Smithcurl Communications
The acquisition of Smithcurl Communications, a leading communications systems provider, allows for enhanced strategic positioning into both the creative multimedia and integrated communication systems space.
  August 2010  Acquisition of  Excellan Communications
Obtaining Excellan Communications, DGI Invisuals announces the offering of information transport system services, supporting its communication systems division with full in-house installation and design services.
  June 2012 Relocation to Custom Facility
DGI Invisuals relocates to a 40,000 square foot facility, allowing for increased equipment procurement, additional manufacturing space as well as an enhanced customer experience through a multimedia product showroom presentation.
  July 2012 Acquisition of Custom Home AV
Custom Home AV is incorporated into DGI Invisuals’ impressive portfolio allowing for high-end home theater service offerings.
  August 2012 Aquisition of  Berway Visual Products
DGI Invisuals acquires Berway Visual Products, providers of high-end audio and visual systems, enhancing its ability to service the academic, corporate and private sector.

October 2012 New Brand Launch
AVT, Smithcurl Communications, Excellan Communications, Berway Visual Products and Custom Home AV are unified under one brand as DGI Technologies, a division of  DGI Communications.

 DGI Invisuals rebrands their Large Format Digital Print Division
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